Vladimir Putin: Russia, U.S. have common agenda, we will work with any president elected by American people

Moscow is ready to work with any president to be elected by the American people, because, despite some disagreements existing between Russia and the U.S., they have a common agenda, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"We will work with any head of the American state whom the American people would elect. After all, we cooperate not with a particular individual but we cooperate with a country, a major and a very influential one in the world," Putin said in an interview shown in a Saturday analytical program hosted by Sergei Brilyov.

While Russia and the U.S. do have disagreements on some issues, "at the same time, we have something that brings us together and makes us work together," he said.

"We have a common agenda, and we are ready to work with any [U.S.] president to be elected," Putin said.

Vladimir Putin also commented on the fact that Time magazine has put him on the list of the top 100 most influential people in the world.

"Certainly, my attitude toward this is indifferent because […] the influence of this or that state's leader can be assessed primarily by this state's economic power and defense capability," Putin said in an interview shown in a Saturday analytical program hosted by Sergei Brilyov.

"When some leaders are chosen there, this is done not by the magazine's staff, but this happens as a result of a poll," Putin said.

"And in connection with this, I would like simply to thank those people who showed this sign of respect - not to me, although this is also definitely pleasant, but primarily to our country, Russia," Putin said.

Russia is entitled to consider itself a sovereign, independent, and therefore reliable state, he said.

"We have a lot of components that give us grounds to consider ourselves a country - and it really is such a country - pursuing an independent sovereign policy on the international arena and pursuing a domestic policy the way our people demand it. And in this sense, by the way, we are quite a reliable partner, because we don't dance to anyone's piping and don't adjust ourselves to a current situation," he said.

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