Armenia grateful to Russia for its stance over Armenian genocide

Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandyan has expressed his gratitude to Russia for its consistent position over the issue of the Armenian genocide, and he also said that Ankara has put itself in opposition to international community.

"We are grateful to Russia's objective and consistent position over one of most terrible tragedies in human history: the genocide of the Armenian people which, as the Russian president said, has always been perceived by the fraternal Russia as its own pain and misfortune," Nalbandyan was quoted by the Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

Many countries and international organizations have expressed their support for the Armenian people and called on Turkey to look in the eyes of its own history, the minister said.

"Ankara responded with rude and provocative attacks, opposing itself to international community. As a result of the policy of negationism the gap between Turkey and international community is getting deeper and deeper," Nalbandyan said.

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