Peskov: Kremlin played no role in capital outflow from UK

The Kremlin has not played any role in the withdrawal of large amounts of capital belonging to Russian businesspeople from the United Kingdom over the last 15 months, according to Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

"This was not the Kremlin’s initiative," Peskov told journalists on May 8.

"We are inclined to presume that capital doesn't live in bondage and it doesn't live where it's dangerous. And it's certainly well-known that when Britain started treating some individuals and legal entities with excessive bias regarding their financial and fiscal affairs, it's natural that, when capital feels danger, a lack of reliability, and a threat of politicized and biased treatment, it starts to flow out," he said.

The Kremlin "has taken note that such an unprecedentedly large sum is being withdrawn," he said.

British and Russian media had reported earlier that the United Kingdom was witnessing the most significant capital outflow over the past 35 years. In particular, capital belonging to Russian business people has been actively taken out the country, and British investors have focused increasingly more often on foreign assets.


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