Snowden not planning to leave Russia so far - attorney

Former CIA employee Edward Snowden, who was granted a residence permit in Russia two years ago, is not planning to leave Russia so far, as his prosecution is politically motivated, Snowden's attorney Anatoly Kucherena told Interfax.

"Edward and all of us hope that, sooner or later, all absurd charges against him will be lifted and the questions for him put on the legal track, without insults and name-calling. This is when he can return home," Kucherena said.

"We hope Edward will be able to return home one day. But for this to happen, the Department of State should abandon attempts to consider the case in a political light and put it into a legal framework. And, certainly, change the insulting rhetoric in relation to Snowden," he said.

Snowden has become fully adapted to his new country over the past two years, he said.

"He is alright, both regarding work and personal matters. Lindsay, who can be safely called his girlfriend-in-arms, is rendering him great and comprehensive support. I think we'll dance at his wedding one day," Kucherena said.

"There is no end of potential fiancees," Kucherena said. "Young girls are writing to him a lot, offering their hand and heart, although, as is clear, his heart is occupied now. Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who doesn't leave him unattended, offers help, including in studying Russian, takes interest in him, and donates money," Kucherena said.

"He has no household problems. He doesn't resort to additional assistance, is trying to adapt himself to the existing conditions, and doesn't demand special treatment, attention or benefits. Edward is trying to come to his own lifestyle himself, is living freely and absolutely doesn't want to be in the limelight," he said.

In describing Snowden's circumstances in Russia in general, Kucherena said, "A man who did this deed based on his own motives and convictions didn't plan on staying in Russia. And this was a certain experience for our country as well. In this particular case, Russia is a pioneer, as not only did it have to accept this situation but it also had to understand how to behave in it, especially considering that the situation got into the global spotlight."

"This proves that Russia has always been on the side of the truth and of justice and is ready to extend its helping hand to those who deserve any possible protection and encouragement," he said.

"By the way, the international community has done justice to Edward's courageous deed. Over these two years, eight various prizes, including quite prestigious ones, have been awarded to him as a fighter for freedom of information and personal security," he said.

Some media had reported earlier that Snowden had brought his girlfriend, dancer Lindsay Mills, to Russia.

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