Roscosmos ready to send some of U.S. cargo on board Progress to be launched on July 3

Some of the U.S. supplies can be sent on board the Russian Progress freighter on July 3, sources at the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) told Interfax-AVN after the crash of the U.S. cargo spacecraft Dragon. 

 "Our Progress is due for launch on July 3. If the Americans need something to be delivered, we will certainly help," a Roscosmos representative said on Sunday.

The loss of the U.S. cargo spacecraft Dragon will create major supply problems for the U.S. segment of the International Space Station (ISS). 

"The U.S. ship was carrying not only food, water and oxygen supplies, but also important equipment whose loss will require an adjustment of the U.S. flight program," the source said. 

In particular, Dragon was to deliver spacesuits for spacewalks by the U.S. astronauts in the very near future.

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