Russians suggest deleting accounts of dead people from social networks, or assigning them 'special status' - poll

One in every two Russian citizens is registered on social networks: 23% of citizens use accounts constantly; 25% from time to time; another 7% have an account but don't use it, the Levada Center told Interfax following a poll held on June 19-22 among 1,600 respondents.

A total of 45% of Russians said they were not registered on social networks.

Among people who do have accounts on social networks, the most popular ones are Odnoklassniki (72%) and VKontakte (66%), less popular are Facebook (22%), Moi Mir (My World) (18%), Instagram (9%), and Twitter (8%), the survey showed.

Throughout the existence of social networks a total of 32% users have lost acquaintances and dear ones - they still remain on the friends list of respondents and people still receive notifications about their birthdays and page updates if someone posts content.

When asked what should be done with 'dead' accounts, 41% of respondents said they supported deleting them completely without the possibility of recovering them. Meanwhile, 30% of Russians suggest assigning the account a special status saying the person has passed away but allowing friends to look at pictures and add posts about the person with a ban on adding friends and sending private messages, the poll showed.

A total of 24% Russians registered in social networks said they supported giving the right to access the account to heirs or a trustee appointed by a user while alive.

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