Journalist Kara-Murza Jr. suffering from poisoning flies abroad for rehabilitation

Journalist and opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. who suffered from strong poisoning and remained in coma in a Moscow hospital for several days has flown aboard for rehabilitation.

"Kara-Murza Sr. called me and on behalf of Vladimir's family asked to thank for the words of support and for assistance. The plane carrying Vladimir has already departed to a foreign destination," lawyer of RPR-PARNAS party Vadim Prokhorov said at a cognress on Sunday.

He said that Kara-Murza will undergo rehabilitation abroad for several months.

"We hope he will return to Moscow by autumn and get back to work," Prokhorov said.

It was reported on May 27 that Kara-Murza Jr. had been taken to 1st Gradskaya Hospital. The same day, the hospital's chief surgeon, Alexei Svet, said the journalist's condition was serious but stable, and doctors suspected pancreatitis and double pneumonia.

Svet said Kara-Murza Jr. was non-transportable. The chief surgeon confirmed on June 3 that the patient had emerged from a coma.

The patient's father, Vladimir Kara-Murza Sr., told Interfax on May 28 that his son had been diagnosed with "acute kidney injury."

"He has a perfect heart and excellent lungs, but bad blood tests," Kara-Murza Sr. said.

A number of tests and analyses, including those conducted at foreign clinics, have shown that journalist and opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr.'s serious health problems could have likely been caused by antidepressant overdose, a source familiar with the situation told Interfax at the end of June.

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