Batteries to be supplied to ISS for U.S. robot - Roscosmos

Batteries will soon be supplied to the International Space Station (ISS) for powering the Robonaut 2 humanoid robot, Roscosmos has said in a report on the meeting of the joint commission of the Roscosmos Advisory Expert Council and the special commission of the NASA Advisory Council.

"The torso and legs of the new robot, which is planned to perform routine operations in the crew's stead have been brought to the orbital station," says the report posted on the Roscosmos website.

The robot is expected to engage in extravehicular activity as well.

Robonaut 2 was built by NASA and General Motors. It was sent to the orbit in 2011. Apart from working onboard the ISS, the android is expected to land on the Moon, which is cheaper than a human mission.

A Russian machine may join the U.S. robot in five years. Roscosmos is scheduled to start the development of a robot cosmonaut in 2017. Prototypes of the robot cosmonaut are due to be ready in 2019, and a four-year trial run of the robot, including its spacewalks, will begin onboard the ISS in 2020.

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