Ambassador: Germany's arms supply to Ukraine ruled out

Germany will not supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, German Ambassador to Russia Rudiger von Fritsch has said.

Germany will not supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, German Ambassador to Russia Rudiger von Fritsch has said.

"Our stand regarding this issue has been absolutely definite and consistent from the start: a military solution to this conflict does not exist and therefore there will be no arms supply from Germany," von Fritsch told Interfax in an interview.

The ambassador noted an improvement of the situation in southeastern Ukraine.

"Indeed, the present-day situation in Donbas is more positive compared to the previous fierce fighting in that area," he said.

"Nevertheless, some incidents happen over and over again, hostilities are being carried on, there are killed and wounded, and the civilian population is suffering. The OSCE has had to state that, unfortunately, these actions are mostly initiated by the separatists. However, and this is a real fact, the general situation in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine has yet improved," the ambassador said.

In the words of von Fritsch, that happened "in particular thanks to the efforts taken by Germany and France." "They are not parties to the conflict but they are states participating in the Normandy format and they are extremely interested in its [the conflict's] resolution," the senior diplomat said.

"Within the framework of the Minsk process we have managed to make much bigger progress than many might have predicted in the beginning," he stated.

"I am speaking about a whole range of specific agreements and results. For example, this is the question of security issues, and Shyrokyne is one of these concrete examples," the ambassador underscored.

He noted that Germany's position had four features from the beginning.

"Firstly, a military solution to this conflict does not exist; one must not respond to violence with violence, and it is necessary to find a diplomatic solution. Secondly, our reaction should nonetheless be very resolute and clear: it should demonstrate our non-acceptance of certain things," the diplomat said.

"Thirdly, constant readiness for dialogue, constant offers of dialogue on the resolution of the conflict. And fourthly, the constant reminder that although the work on resolution of this conflict is exclusively important, our relations are still much broader and are not limited to the search for a solution to this conflict," von Fritsch said.

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