Putin confirms Russia to support Syrian army from air without participation in ground operations

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Armed Forces will be used in Syria only for participation in airstrikes.

"Certainly, we are not going to engage in this conflict up to the hilt. Our actions will be implemented strictly within the set framework. First, we will support the Syrian army only in its lawful struggle exactly with terrorist groupings, secondly, the backing will be provided from the air without participation in ground operations," Putin said at a meeting with members of the government.

Thirdly, "such support will be limited in time for the term of the carrying of out offensive operations by the Syrian army," he said.

"Russia participates in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria on the basis of international law in line with the official address by the Syrian president to us," Putin said.

He recalled that currently the United States, Australia and France use their warplanes to deliver airstrikes on the positions of ISIS militants in Syria.

"We have always supported and support the struggle against international terrorism, at the same time we are convinced that it should be waged exclusively in strict compliance with international law, so, within the framework of UN Security Council resolutions adopted in such cases or at the request of a party which needs military assistance. Our partners in Syria have none of this in their actions," Putin said.

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