Russian planes complete 67 combat missions in Syria, hitting 60 ISIS facilities

The Aerospace Forces of Russia continue to strike positions of the international terrorist organization ISIS (the organization banned in Russia) in the Syrian territory, Chief of the Russian Air Force's Main Staff Lt. Gen. Igor Makushev has said.

Video by Russian Ministry of Defense / YouTube

The Aerospace Forces of Russia continue to strike positions of the international terrorist organization ISIS in the Syrian territory, Chief of the Russian Air Force's Main Staff Lt. Gen. Igor Makushev has said.

"Sixty-seven combat flights were completed from the Hmeimim airbase in the past 24 hours. Sukhoi Su-34M, Su-25SM planes defeated 60 facilities held by terrorists," Makushev told a briefing conference on Oct. 9.

"Being exposed to Russian airstrikes, the militants suffer huge losses and are forced to change their tactics, disperse their forces, camouflage thoroughly, and take cover in settlements," Makushev said.

"Under these circumstances, for the purpose of effective demolition, the Aerospace Forces continue to systematically use aviation and accelerate intensity of the strikes," he said.

"The chosen targets of the strikes are command posts and communication hubs of the militants, their ammunition and fuel storage depots, as well as terrorist training bases in the provinces of Rakka, Latakia, Hama, Idlib, and Aleppo," Makushev revealed.

Gen. Igor Makushev. Source:

According to Russia's General Staff, the strikes resulted in demolition of "six command posts and communication centers, six ammunition and fuel storage depots, 17 camps and bases for training of terrorists, three underground buildings of the militants in the province of Latakia, 16 fortified areas and defensive lines with some armament and military equipment, 11 reserve assembly areas of the armed gangs, one plant for repairs of armored equipment, 17 items of the automobile, armored vehicle and tank category, two installations of multiple launch rocket systems".

"On the screen, you can see the moment of an airstrike in the province of Rakka controlled by the Islamic State group," Makushev told reporters.

"A direct hit with the high-precision KAB 500-C guided bombs has demolished the headquarters of a formation of Liva Al-Haq group. According to radio monitoring data, the airstrike has resulted in the liquidation of two high-rank field commanders of the ISIS and about 200 combatants," he said.

"One militants' base and one ammunition storage facility organized in the former prison building was hit by our airstrike near Aleppo. The airstrike has killed about 100 militants and demolished the ammunition storage facility," Makushev said.

"The available data were fixed with the weapon-aiming system of the aircraft that carried out the strike, which proves the previously declared high technical capability of our air complexes," Makushev said.

Makushev provided his commentary on several strikes carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces on the ISIS terrorists during the past 24 hours.

"In the first footage, you can see the airstrike on a terrorist training base exposed in the mountain-woody location to the North-East of the settlement of Mgayria (the province of Latakia). A camera mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle spotted the bombs accurately hitting the site of the base, resulting in demolition of the facility," he said.

The second footage demonstrates the airstrike on a training camp of the militants in the outskirts of the settlement of Tertiah (the province of Idlib). The direct hit on the said positions of ISIS with the ordnance caused detonation of their ammunition located there. The facility is demolished completely," Makushev said.

"The third footage shows the airstrike on a fortified area of the terrorists located to the south of Tertiah. On the screen, you can see their ammunition detonate and their fuel catch fire following out surgical strike resulting in the total demolition of the equipment placed under shelters," he said.

"The footage four shows us the moment of the airstrike on a camouflaged base of the Islamic State in a forest. A sight of a huge pillar of smoke and flying fragments of the detonated ordnance provide evidence of the base site directly hit with the bombs. All its premises have been ruined, a number of buildings have been consumed by fire," Makushev concluded.

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