Serbian delegates say they recognize Crimea part of Russia

Bosko Obradovic said that "Crimea is part of Russia just like Kosovo is a part of Serbia".

The president of the Serbian patriotic Dveri movement, Bosko Obradovic, has responded to Ukraine’s protest over his visit to Crimea.

"In my response, I said for us Crimea is part of Russia just like Kosovo is a part of Serbia. In this case, we do not agree with the position of our government. We think that it is like this. The position of our government is disrespectful toward Russia’s territorial integrity," Obradovic said at a meeting with deputies of the Crimean parliament.

Ukraine’s Ambassador in Serbia Oleg Alexandrovich earlier sent a note of protest to the president of the Serbian patriotic movement "Dveri" over the visit of deputies and public figures to Crimea.

The note of protest demonstrated by Obradovic said: "In accordance with Ukrainian legislation and our country’s official position, Crimea is an indispensable part of Ukraine. This means that the self-proclaimed authorities in Crimea are not recognized [by Ukraine]. Visiting Crimea for official meetings with Crimea’s so-called government is unacceptable and is considered as a threat to Ukraine’s national integrity, security and sovereignty."

The delegation from Serbia headed by Democratic Party leader Sanda Raskovic Ivic has arrived on the peninsula today. Delegates will meet with colleagues from the Crimean parliament, Russia’s Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Crimean Federal District Oleg Belaventsev, Crimea’s head Sergey Aksyonov and chairman of Crimea’s state council Vladimir Konstantinov.

The delegation includes several Serbian MPs the Vice President of the Democratic Party, Milan Lapcevic, the president of the party's political council Dusan Prorokovic, a member of the political council presidium Dragan Trifkovic, as well as representatives of the Dveri (Doors) patriotic movement Bosko Obradovic, Zoran Radojicic, Jugoslav Kiprianovic, and Sefan Svrkota.

Deputies of the French National Assembly visited Crimea this summer. Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has also made an unofficial trip to the peninsular region. Members of parliament from Germany, Italy and Switzerland have made known their preparedness to make fact-finding visits to Crimea.

First published by TASS.

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