Foreign Ministry: Some international lawsuits against Russia inspired by U.S.

The economic dimension of U.S. foreign policy is gaining weight, said Deputy Foreign Minister

A number of international lawsuits against Russia have been initiated by Washington, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Oct. 28.

"We are at the outset of counteracting a whole series of lawsuits filed against Russia and its residents which are largely inspired by the United States or use their legal apparatus," he said at the BRICS Global University Summit in Moscow.

"These legal actions of the United States are a new area projecting the American might," the Russian diplomat said.

"The economic dimension of U.S. foreign policy is gaining weight and becoming less clear and predictable, in particular considering the successes and achievements the United States and U.S. government institutes have been demonstrating in the financial area from the point of view of control over the global financial system," the deputy foreign minister continued.

Despite domestic and foreign 'critique', the American authorities "have managed to develop a formula embodying their own exclusiveness and their own special status in world affairs, in concrete achievements," Ryabkov said.

"We have been witnessing for months or even years that sanction instruments hold a special place and play an increasingly important role in the practical steps of Washington," the Russian diplomat said.

"To our mind, the reason is that Washington has concluded that this way of achieving particular goals is less expensive and maximally efficient," he said.

"It is very difficult but very important to prove the opposite, that sanctions do not work," the deputy minister said.

"Unless that is done, this scheme will entrench itself and through interpretations of the successful completion of negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program as a derivative of the American and European sanctions policy such algorithms will be reproduced in other situations," Ryabkov said.

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