In resolving Syrian crisis Russia does what France should be doing — Marine Le Pen

Politicians in other countries are in confusion, because they have found themselves far away from the genuine initiatives, the leader of France’s National Front party believes.

The leader of France’s National Front party, Marine Le Pen, believes that France in its attempts to settle the Syrian crisis should follow Russia’s example.

"Russia’s actions in Syria these days show precisely what France should be doing. In other words, to spearhead the initiatives being taken in relation to that country," Le Pen said.

"From the very beginning of Russian interference I have been able to see for myself that politicians in other countries are in confusion, because they have found themselves far away from the genuine initiatives. In other words, they were absent from the right place at the right moment. This is precisely the situation where the French government has found itself," Le Pen said.

"At first, the French authorities came out with criticism, saying that Russia was staying aloof from the events in Syria and refrained from dealing any strikes. Then they started saying that Russia was attacking there where it shouldn’t."

"Acting in concert with the Syrian leadership Russia undertook to spearhead the armed struggle against the Islamic State. I believe that this stance is very correct. France’s actions in the international scene should be precisely what Russia is doing. Also, France should exert efforts, just as Russia has been doing these days, for the sake of arranging talks by Syria, Iran and Russia, as well as the European countries that have demonstrated the intention to fight against the Islamic State and to guarantee the existence of Syrian statehood. If there are no government structures there, the Islamic State will take their place. Whatever criticism may be addressed to Bashar Assad, his government is the real one and it protects the country from IS barbarity," Le Pen said.

First published by TASS.

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