Official: ISIS is political cover for large-scale oil and arms contraband

The events around Syria confirm the existent definition of international terrorism

The events inside and around Syria totally confirm the existent definition of international terrorism, Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin has said.

"Daesh [the Arab abbreviation for ISIS] and al-Nusra outlawed in Russia are merely a political cover for large-scale contraband of oil, foreign currency, arms, cultural values and donor organs and trafficking in human beings. The weak politicians, such as Turkish or Ukrainian 'leaders', are simply puppets whose strings are pulled by shadow criminal bosses," Markin wrote in his article published by the newspaper Izvestia on Nov. 30.

According to an authoritative analytical report released in 2010, international terrorism is "a network information and psychological war waged on civilized states and societies by transnational organized crime involved in illegal trafficking of drugs, arms and human beings, child pornography and other sorts of international criminal networks. Terror attacks are a form of the cutting edge and method of pressure on the authorities and society, while politicians and public figures excusing terrorism and driving a wedge into the united front against transnational criminals are a form of political cover," he said.

The events inside and around Syria fully support this definition, Markin said.

As to why Turkey cannot defend its interests with military methods if Russia is doing so in Syria, the Russian Investigative Committee spokesman gave a definitive answer, "An ill-disguised alliance with terrorists and contrabandists contravenes the interests of all people, including Turkish. This is not an interest of Turkey, this is an interest of international criminals."

"A preventive strike on terrorist groups which are not denying their anti-Russian nature is being delivered in Syria," he said.

"The same as in Crimea or South Ossetia, our servicemen are protecting the civilian population from religious and ethnic cleansings and the threat of genocide. The protection of world heritage is no less important. Like Chersonesus was the source of Orthodoxy in Russia, the ancient Syrian cities - Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia - are the ancestral homeland of eastern Christianity," Markin said.

Russia is more concerned about the interests of Russians and their protection from terrorism, Markin said.

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