'North Korean tests pose no threat to Russia'

There are doubts as to whether hit was of a hydrogen bomb

The relations between Russia and North Korea make it possible to assume that the North Korean nuclear weapons tests do not pose a threat to our country, unlike the rest of the world, Colonel-General Viktor Yesin, former head of the Main Headquarters of the Strategic Missile Forces, said.

"I don't see a direct threat to Russia from the actions taken by North Korea, bearing in mind our relations with them, but there is a threat to the entire world. The UN Security Council convenes today and it will be the global community's reaction to this test, so to speak," he said on Wednesday.  

North Korean television reported earlier that the first test of a thermonuclear bomb had been successfully carried out in North Korea.

The special statement says: "The halt of nuclear development and the dismantling of nuclear facilities by North Korea will not become possible until the U.S. gives up its hostile policies."

The UN Security Council has made a decision on the initiative of the U.S. and Japan to hold an emergency session in regard of the North Korean test.

However, Yesin believes there is no evidence that North Korea ahs tested this type of nuclear weapons.

"The test is a fact, but there are doubts as to whether hit was of a hydrogen bomb. There is no information on the material and technical resources that North Korea had," he said.

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