Moscow objects to extradition by Finnish authorities of two Russians to U.S

Russian Foreign Ministry expresses categorically objectios to extradition by Finnish authorities of Russian citizens Senakh and Sergeyev to U.S., calls it abuse of rights.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has called an "abuse of rights" the decision by the Finnish Foreign Ministry to extradite two Russian citizens, Maxim Senakh and Alexander Sergeyev, to the United States to stand trial in that country.

The two men were arrested earlier by the Finnish authorities at the U.S request and placed under arrest on cyber crime charges.

"These developments are deeply regretful. We hope the measures that the lawyers of the Russian citizens will undertake will help ensure a review of this decision," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary.

Moscow sees "the practice of Russian citizens being arrested in other countries across the world at the behest of the U.S. as an abuse of rights and being in breach of the internationally-acknowledged procedural standards."

"We reaffirm our categorical objections to the extradition of the Russian citizens to the U.S. where they face ludicrous punishments in the form of over 100 years of imprisonment. We hope the Finnish authorities will take into consideration our position we set out to them repeatedly," the ministry said in the commentary.

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