Russian Foreign Ministry describes as Ankara's attempts to blame Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova describes as cynical Ankara's attempts to blame Russia for Syrian refugees' deaths off Turkey.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has dismissed Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's claim that by supporting the government of Bashar Al-Assad Russia bears the responsibility for the deaths of 36 Syrian refugees off the Turkish coast, as well as many other Syrians.

"Speaking in Ankara on January 6 this year, Davutoglu not only accused our country once again of abetting the Syrian regime, he also attempted to cynically lay the blame on Russia, and on the UN Security Council as well, for the deaths of Syrian refugees drowning off the Turkish coast," Zakharova said in her reply to a question from media outlets.

"What is obvious is an absolutely perverted logic that confuses cause with effect. Such ludicrous accusations are none other than an attempt by Ankara itself to walk away from the immediate responsibility for the deaths of these and many other Syrians," the spokesperson said.

"It is the policy pursued by the current Turkish leadership, of condoning and abetting various radical and terror groups in Syria, which has, to a degree, facilitated and continues to facilitate the spread of violence and extremism there,  bordering on savage barbarity," the spokesperson said.

"The result is an increase in the number of refugees, many of whom, not without covert encouragement on the part of Turkish authorities, have been ever more active in their search of a better life in European countries. This circumstance has effectively been recognized openly by the European states proper, which have been hit by the massive wave of migrants from the Middle Eastern region, primarily from Syria," Zakharova said.

"So our advice to representatives of the Turkish leadership would be to approach their claims more responsibly and not to look everywhere for the notorious Moscow hand," the spokesperson said.

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