Assad agreed to carry out political reform in Syria while visiting Moscow

Russian Foreign Minister told about Assad's visit to Moscow

While meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad agreed to carry out political reforms in his country, and no one offered him political asylum, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"We agreed in Moscow that President Assad would be prepared to consider political reforms, which are essentially stipulated in the Vienna Group's decisions and in UN Security Council resolution 2254, in the course of a political process, for involvement in which he agreed to send a delegation," Lavrov said at a press conference summing up outcomes of 2015 on Jan. 26.

"No one asked for any political asylum, and no one offered anything of the sort," he said.

Lavrov also denied media allegations that late head of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate Igor Sergun had traveled to Damascus to hand Assad Moscow's offer that he resign.

"There was no necessity for such a conversation with President Assad. President Assad was in Moscow, he talked with President Putin, and it's well-known what they agreed upon," he said.

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