Kremlin: BBC film about Putin's involvement in corruption pure fiction

Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Alexei Druzhinin / TASS
Kremlin called a libel the BBC film that contained allegation against Putin

Kremlin has called a libel the BBC documentary film that contained allegation against Russian president Vladimir Putin over his alleged involvement in corruption.

"As for the contents of this BBC film, this is a pure fiction and libel, which has no grounds whatsoever," Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"In overall, we have got accustomed to such journalist "spoofs", which are connected either with a lack of competence, or the yellow press' fever, or resulted from an orchestrated campaign," he said.

"We can't help but paying attention to the fact that the surfacing of such reports coincided in time with the quasi-judicial exercises in some countries and publications of similar content by highly respected publishers," Peskov said.

"In the instance of the BBC film, all looked as another example of a classical irresponsible journalism, except for the official commentary included in the film. I mean the commentary by a representative of the U.S. Treasury Department," Peskov said.

When asked about whether the President owns a yacht, Peskov said: "This is absolutely public data, which can be easily verified. I am credited with very deep knowledge in yachts. This is not true. I know that the President hasn't got a yacht. This is what I know".

The U.S. Treasury Department's commentary in a BBC film is an official accusation that requires evidence, but Moscow will not demand it, Dmitry Peskov told.

"It is an official accusation. First, it clearly shows who is standing at the conductor's desk and, second, it requires evidence. The voicing of such accusations by an agency such as the U.S. Treasury Department in the absence of concrete evidence is casting a shadow on this agency itself," he said.

"We will not demand any evidence from the U.S. Treasury Department. If they leave such an official statement without evidence, it once again casts a shadow on the reputation of this agency," Peskov said.

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