7 people died from flu complications in Moscow in December, January

Medical services reported deaths of 7 people caused by flu complications

Moscow medical services have reported the deaths of seven people caused by flu complications, said Alexei Khripun, the head of the Moscow healthcare department.

"We now link the deaths of seven people who died in December [2015] and January [2016] directly to flu complications. This information is not a secret," Khripun said at a press conference on Jan. 27.

"The flu virus in itself is not deadly to humans, it may cause patients who treat it wrong to develop serious complications such as, for example, pneumonia," he said.

"It's approximately six times less than what we had in the same period in 2009, when we had an aggressive flu strain," he said.

He said the flu structure is more aggressive than it was last year, but less aggressive than it was in 2009.

Meanwhile, Anna Popova, the chief of the Russian consumer protection watchdog Rospotrebnadzor, told that an outbreak of Zika fever in Russia is impossible.

"We don't see any preconditions for the formation of local hotbeds and a mechanism of this virus transmission in Russia. Imported cases are possible though," Popova said.

Russia has taken measures in response to reports on the rapid spread of Zika fever in Brazil and some other South American countries, she said.

"We have duly oriented our healthcare system and Rospotrebnadzor's territorial bodies. Our Vector scientific center is ready to do research aimed at detecting this virus," Popova said.

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