Russia hopes that UK, Sweden won't create obstacles to Assange

Julian Assange.

Julian Assange.

Russia hopes Sweden and UK will grant freedom of travel to Julian Assange

Russia is expressing hopes that Sweden and the UK will heed the opinion of the working group on arbitrary detentions of the UN Human Rights Council and will grant freedom of travel to Julian Assange, founder of the website Wikileaks.

"We are hoping that the Swedish and British authorities will heed the opinion of the working group and will take into account its recommendations, including on granting freedom of travel to Julian Assange and compensation for the damage done by the illegal prosecution," the Russian Foreign Ministry's information and press department said in a commentary posted on the ministry's website.

The report says "it would help do justice for the human rights activist, who opened the eyes of the global public to the numerous crimes committed by the U.S. special services in Iraq and Afghanistan and who published information indicating massive human rights violations by the U.S. authorities."

The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated that "authoritative UN experts justly saw in the persecution to which the Swedish and British authorities subjected Julian Assange a violation of a whole number of obligations on international treaties in the sphere of human rights, including the ban on torture and cruel treatment, the right to a fair and impartial trial, freedom from torture and cruel treatment, freedom of travel and choice of place of residence."

The Foreign Ministry recalled that "the working group is an expert human rights mechanism whose decisions are recommendations in nature."

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