Russian Foreign Ministry: U.S. sanctions policies have no prospects

Ministry said Russia has right to take measures in response

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on March 3 that the prolongation by the U.S. of the sanctions on Russia sabotages the possibility of interaction between the two countries on key international issues.

"It's time for Washington to realize that its sanctions policies have no prospects and that the entire course of confrontation with Russia is dangerous. We, for our part, reserve the right to take measures that we believe are in line with Russian interests in response," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in its commentary.

The document cites regrets that "the U.S. continues to enthusiastically play sanctions against Russia, which they have been doing for two years to try to deny their responsibility for the coup in Ukraine, and now also for the lamentable consequences of their Kyiv clients' rule."

"Clearly, it's not helping settle the Ukrainian crisis, which is hampered by Kiev's unwillingness to fulfill the Minsk agreements, and it has a destructive effect on Russian-U.S. relations," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in its commentary.

"Moreover a lot of things in global affairs, in global and regional security issues depend on the atmosphere of dialogue between our countries. While methodically shaking the structure of bilateral relations, the U.S. should take into account the fact that by doing so they sabotage the possibilities of interaction on key international issues, which they regularly ask us to help resolve," the commentary says.

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