World more loyal to labor migrants than Russia - poll

The top five countries most loyal to migrants are China, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Congo, according to the Gallup International survey.

Practically a third of Russians feel positive about labor migrants, yet the world has an almost twice larger number of such optimists, judging by a poll held by Gallup International/WIN with the participation of Romir Holding.

According to the poll, more than a half of world residents (57 percent) feel positive about labor migration, which is 23 percent more than it was in 2012 (34 percent). This opinion is maintained by 31 percent of the respondents in Russia, 12% more than in 2012 (19 percent).

Some 32 percent of world respondents and 48 percent of Russians have a negative attitude to labor migration. The neutral attitude is declared by 11 percent and 21 percent of the respondents, respectively.

There is no relation between the population density and the attitude to migration, and there is no definite link between the sentiments of people in a particular country and the level of their incomes, although people in poor countries tend to be more loyal, experts said.

Speaking of macro-regions, Gallup International specialists noted an improved attitude to migrants in the United States and the negative feelings of people in South America, especially in Colombia and Ecuador. Anti-migrant feelings are strong in Europe, but this is the question of particular countries rather than the macro-region as a whole, they said. Results are not homogenous in the Middle East either: for instance, Saudi Arabia feels positive about labor migrants, and Turkey has negative feelings.

The top five countries most loyal to migrants are China, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Congo, Gallup International said. Labor migrants are least welcome in Slovenia, Mongolia, Iran, Iraq and Thailand.


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