Tests of Ka-52 Alligator helicopter begin in Russian Far East

During test flights at the Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company the helicopters perform the basic air maneuvers: ascent, hovering, turn and others under their flight test program.

Test flights of Russia’s new all-weather reconnaissance and attack helicopters Kamov Ka-52 Alligator, produced within the framework of the 2016 state defense order have started at the Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company (Progress AAC, a subsidiary of the Russian Helicopters holding). Progress AAC is based in the town of Arsenyev in the Russian Far Eastern Primorsky territory. In accordance with the assignment, the helicopter gunships perform the basic air maneuvers during an hour, the company’s press service reported on Wednesday.

"A test flight of the Alligator lasts for about an hour on the average. The helicopters perform the basic air maneuvers: ascent, hovering, turn and others under their flight test program," the statement says.

In addition, the Alligators can perform aerobatic maneuvers: the helicopters’ coaxial rotor system and capable pitch control allow them to efficiently perform such aerial maneuvers as the "flat turn" and "circle strafing", as well as the "slalom".

According to previous reports, Progress intended to boost the production of civil and military helicopters in 2018. Thus, the company plans to step up the manufacturing of the Ka-52 naval modification, a new civil multipurpose helicopter Ka-62 and the Ka-52 scout-attack helicopter, including for export.

It is planned to spend more than 1.5 billion rubles in 2016 on the modernization of the aircraft plant’s production capacity. In particular, its airfield base will be modernized, which will enhance the flight test safety and allow the helicopter crews to undergo training at the company’s base.

Progress AAC is currently upgrading its production facilities, introducing innovative technologies as part of the government’s plan to modernize Russia’s defense industries through 2020. The first phase of the program envisages the refitting of the company's foundry production facilities and the second phase involves reconstruction and refitting of the composite and mechanical production facilities, the introduction of digital technologies and computer support, as well as measures to improve energy efficiency.

First published by TASS.

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