Russia, China, Mongolia to promote tourism on ‘Great Tea Road’

Siberians add plenty of herbs to their tea.

Siberians add plenty of herbs to their tea.

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The road to be honored as a tourist route for tea drinkers.

Russia, China and Mongolia have decided to promote tourism on the ‘Great Tea Road,’ which was once called the longest overland trade route in the world, Sputnik News reports.

“This is a project of the widest geographical coverage, the longest of the existing land routes, allowing to cross Eurasia and visit countries such as Russia, China and Mongolia,” Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency, Alexei Konyushkov told the website.

The road will be honored as a tourist route seeking to tap the world's two billion tea drinkers, according to the report. Russia’s first supplies of tea came from camel caravans from China via Mongolia. 

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