More S-400 missiles to be deployed around Moscow in 2016 - Defense Ministry

Regimental kit of S-400 'Triumf' is due to be delivered to one of the Aerospace Forces air defense units

Yet another regimental kit of the S-400 "Triumpf" surface-to-air missile (SAM) system will enter service at a Russian Aerospace Forces air defense unit in the Moscow region, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson told Interfax-AVN on April 10.

One S-400 missile regimental kit and two division kits of the Pantsir-S short-range combined missile and anti-aircraft artillery system have already been supplied to Aerospace Forces air defense units as part of the re-armament effort in 2016, the spokesperson said.

"Already four air defense missile regiments of the Aerospace Forces, armed with brand new S-400 'Triumf' systems, are providing air defense for Moscow and the Central Industrial District," the spokesperson said.

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