Moscow warns against attempts to destabilize situation in Macedonia

It is unacceptable to shake the fragile situation in Macedonia, Russia says

The destabilization of the situation in Macedonia and the employment of the Ukrainian scenario there might destabilize the situation in the entire Balkan Peninsula, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement available on its website on April 14.

"We believe it is unacceptable to shake the fragile situation in Macedonia, which is determined by this country's complicated ethnic and religious structure. The engagement of the 'Ukrainian scenario' and the instigation of unlawful actions, and a coup from the outside, is fraught with dramatic shocks in Macedonia, and the destabilization of the Balkans as a whole," the ministry said.

Moscow was concerned in learning the news about the deterioration of political confrontation in Macedonia, and called on all parties to start a political dialogue and stop provoking new rounds of a crisis.

"We are calling on all political forces and international community members to follow the path of settling the situation in Macedonia by peaceful means, and respect the Macedonian leadership and its legitimate authorities' actions and decisions," it said.

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