Russia could supply half a million tonnes of grain to China in 2016

Russia is working towards marketing its meat products in China.

"The Chinese have opened their grain market for us. We hope [to supply] half a million tonnes this year: wheat, barley, corn," Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachyov said. 

"We have long been in intense talks with the Chinese over supplying meat products - pork, beef and poultry - to the Chinese market. This is our big prospect," the minister said. 

"Our beef at least is of a very good quality. Miratorg and other companies. We must get the Chinese market for the Russian beef. And produce more and more in our country," Tkachyov said.

"For us, the meat market, providing we break through, will be a very serious breakthrough. We will be trading in a product with an added value," the minister said. 

"Everyone trades here: the Americans, the EU countries, New Zealand, Australia. Everyone except Russia, because previously we were not even seen as exporters - we always imported meat, as we did grain during the Soviet era, but now we are already exporting. This means that we have learnt to produce more. The same is true of meat. We have already fed ourselves with poultry and pork. The whole world is selling and buying. The British buy beef from the whole world and themselves export it too," the minister said. 

Currently China exports vegetables to Russia. 

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