Spain trains Iraqi Armed Forces to operate Russian rifles

Russian Orsis T-5000 high-precision sniper rifles.

Russian Orsis T-5000 high-precision sniper rifles.
The Iraqi army has Russian Orsis T-5000 high-precision sniper rifles.

Spanish Special Forces are training their Iraqi counterparts to operate Russian Orsis T-5000 high-precision sniper rifles, Spain’s Defense Ministry said on July 7.

The Spanish Defense Ministry’s press department also released photos of Spanish Special Forces operators training Iraqi soldiers to master the use of Russian T-5000 sniper rifles and Iranian AM-50 anti-material rifles (AMR).

Russia`s military officials and defense industry representatives have not publicly announced the deliveries of T-5000 high-precision firearms to Iraq.

The Orsis T-5000 high-precision manually-operated sniper rifle was developed by the Industrial Technologies Group (GK Promtekhnologiya).

Iraq bought an earlier model of the sniper rifle with plastic stock and furniture. The latest modification of T-5000 designated as T-5000M (M stands for upgraded, Modernizirovannaya) has replaced its predecessor. T-5000M features new lightweight skeleton stock and extended Picatinny rail on the top of its receiver.

First published by TASS

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