Anniversary of Romanov family execution started in St. Petersburg

Night service on anniversary of St. Tsar Nicolas II and his family execution started in St. Petersburg - parish.

The night service in commemoration of the last Russian emperor St. Tsar-Martyr Nicolas II and his Family started at midnight in Feodorovsky Imperial Cathedral.

"The worship service on the anniversary of execution of Emperor Nicolas II and his family with faithful servants - the tragic event occurred in Yekaterinburg in 1918, takes place annually in Feodorovsky Imperial Cathedral," the parish told TASS on July 17. "The cathedral of the Feodorovskaya Ikon of the Holy Mother built in commemoration of 300th anniversary of the House of Romanovs was popularly called the Romanov [Cathedral]. The southern aisle of the temple is dedicated to the Tsar Family," the parish said.

The royal pew is particularly decorated for the night liturgy in the cathedral. The liturgy is taking place before the icon of the Holy Passion-Bearers.

Feodorovsky Imperial; Cathedral is the only church in St. Petersburg built according to architectural models of early XVII century in Russia. The lower church is dedicated to St. Prince Alexander Nevsky. The upper church is dedicated to the Feodorovskaya Ikon of the Holy Mother, the patrimony icon of the House of Romanovs.


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