Russia’s Defense Ministry may build gas storages in Arctic

t could support military bases in remote areas, says defense minister

Russia’s Defense Ministry has suggested building several gas storages in the Arctic to support Russian military bases in remote areas, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a government session.

According to Shoigu, the Defense Ministry continues building military bases in the Arctic on Sredny Island, the Franz Josef archipelago, the New Siberian Islands and Wrangel Island.

"We bring 12,000 tons of diesel fuel per season to the New Siberian Islands alone. We have suggested building a gas storage there. We are ready to switch to it," the defense minister said.

"We have been discussing this issue for three years but we are absolutely dissatisfied with the pace of switching to gas. Of course, one can say that it takes too long to lay a pipeline there but we have decided to build a gas storage facility there," Shoigu said.

"A pipeline should be laid there as we ship an enormous volume of liquid fuel and coal today," he added.

A representative of Russia’s gas giant Gazprom said that a solution to this problem could be found jointly in the imminent future.


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