West confused by Kiev’s adventures, unprepared to back it - Kosachyov

Earlier Russia’s federal security service FSB said it had detained a group of saboteurs in Crimea.

The chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s international affairs committee, Konstantin Kosachyov, believes that information available at this point about August 12 telephone conversations between Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko and US Vice-President Joe Biden and between Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin and the EU’s chief diplomat Federica Mogherini is indicative of an end to wholesale and unconditional support for Kiev and of a departure from ostentatious anti-Russian solidarity.

"Yesterday’s Biden-Poroshenko and Mogherini-Klimkin telephone conversations are signs, although not very clear ones, the West is in confusion over Kiev’s latest adventures and is unprepared to support the Ukrainian authorities as unconditionally as it did before. The cliche ‘all parties must contribute to the de-escalation of tensions’ looks a step forward in contrast to the previous stance ‘we are on your side, Russia is to blame for everything’."

"These conversations for the first time do not look like wholesale and ostentatious demonstration of anti-Russian solidarity," Kosachyov said on his Facebook page.

He expressed the hope that "time will come when the West will find the wisdom and courage to call things by their proper name and there will follow exhaustive evaluations of state terrorism practices."

In a telephone conversation with Biden Poroshenko reportedly said that Ukraine would seek to avoid an escalation of tensions in relations with Russia. Mogherini told Klimkin by telephone that all parties should refrain from any action that might cause a further escalation of the conflict.

Earlier, on August 10, Russia’s federal security service FSB said it had detained a group of saboteurs in Crimea and prevented a series of terrorist attacks in the peninsula, which the chief intelligence directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry had been plotting to stage at key infrastructures. Two Russian military servicemen were killed in the operation to detain the terrorists. Criminal cases were opened.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the attempt at sabotage in Crimea by Ukrainian secret services was silly and criminal, and its purpose was to distract attention from domestic problems.

Source: Tass.com

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