Western partners must exert influence on Kiev – Russian Foreign Minister

Lavrov says he appreciates "Germany’s interest that such incidents must not happen again."

Lavrov says he appreciates "Germany’s interest that such incidents must not happen again."

Russia to take extensive measures to prevent infiltration of its territory, says Sergei Lavrov after meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Moscow is taking extensive measures to eradicate all attempts to infiltrate Russia's territory, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said following his meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Aug. 15.

"Regardless of how our partners will be working with their friends in Kiev, we are following the President's orders to take extensive measures to eradicate any attempts to infiltrate our territory," Lavrov said, commenting on the recently foiled sabotage plot in Crimea.

Lavrov stressed that he appreciates "Germany’s interest that such incidents must not happen again."

Russia has irrefutable evidence that Ukraine’s authorities had planned the attempted sabotage plot for a long time with the goal of destabilizing Crimea, according to Lavrov.

"We have something in addition to what you have seen on television, indisputable evidence that this was an act of sabotage that had been plotted for a long time by the Main Intelligence Department of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry with the aim of destabilizing Russia’s Crimea," Lavrov said.

Moscow "is ready to give additional facts to its Western partners who are seriously interested that this is not repeated," Lavrov said, insisting that the West should "exert influence on Kiev."

"The Defense Ministry is subordinated to the commander-in-chief, that’s a simple fact," Lavrov said.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Aug. 10 that it had thwarted attempted terrorist attacks in Crimea plotted by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry’s main intelligence directorate.

A group of saboteurs was spotted on Aug. 7 near the city of Armyansk, close to the border with Ukraine. Two Russian servicemen were killed in the process of detaining the saboteurs. The saboteurs planned to target Crimea’s critical infrastructure and vital facilities, the FSB said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the Ukrainian special services for the attempted sabotage plot in Crimea. The real purpose of the plot was to distract public attention from Ukraine’s current domestic quagmire, Putin said.

Source: Tass.com

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