Russia and India commence counter-terrorism drills

The Indra exercises are held every year.

The Indra exercises are held every year.
The Indra 2016 drills are being held in Primorye

Russia and India have commenced the Indra 2016 counter-terrorism drills at the Sergeyevsky Training Area in the Primorye Territory, the press office off the Eastern Military District told TASS on Sept. 23.

“The gist of the exercise will be to establish a combined force of Russia’s Eastern Military District and Indian troops to conduct an operation designed to find, encircle and eliminate notional terrorist and illegal armed groups with the use of air and field artillery units,” the district’s spokesman, Vladimir Matveyev, said.

The two countries have furnished a total of 500 servicemen, about 50 weapons systems and vehicles, an unmanned aerial vehicle detachment and the Eastern Military District’s ground attack aircraft and helicopters for the maneuvers, Matveyev said.

The joint exercises will conclude on Oct. 2.

First published by TASS

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