Changing regime in Syria may bring terrorists to power - foreign ministry

Maria Zakharova said in an interview

Overthrowing of Syria’s President Bashar Assad will bring to terrorists to power in that country, spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in an interview with the Right to Know television show, which fragments were put on the television channel’s website.

"A change of regime will mean not only a vacuum of power, a political vacuum - it will be filled immediately by "moderate" - or in fact not at all moderate - but terrorists of all sorts, with who it would be impossible to do anything. Moreover, all that would develop further on under the Iraq scenario," she said.

"We know perfectly well that the Iraqi armed forces became a basis of IS (Islamic State terrorist organization outlawed in Russia), and everything against what the (organized by the U.S.) coalition and Russia are fighting - comes from there," she added.


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