Moscow condemns new attack on Russian Embassy in Damascus

October 13, 2016 TASS
Russian Embassy in Damascus
Russian Embassy in Damascus, Syria. Source: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

Moscow has strongly condemned an attack on the Russian Embassy in Damascus on Oct. 12. "We expect a due public assessment from all those who reject terrorism and in fact share the principle of immunity of diplomatic missions," the Foreign Ministry said on Oct. 13.

The neighborhood in Damascus where the Russian Embassy is situated was under mortar fire for two hours, nobody was injured in the diplomatic mission, the Russian Foreign Ministry reports.

"Starting from 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 12, the neighborhood where the Russian Embassy in Damascus is situated was under mortar fire coming from Jobar municipality controlled by extremists," the embassy said.

"One of the shells exploded in direct proximity to the outside security post of the diplomatic mission, another - not far from the entry to the consular department, two mortar shells detonated a hundred meters away from the embassy fence. Another shell hit the roof of a local school situated near the Russian diplomatic mission, but it did not go off," the ministry said.

"As a result of the shelling, the embassy compound was covered in fragments. None of the Russian staff were injured," the ministry said.

"We confirm that Russia’s consistent policy of uncompromising fight against terrorists in Syria will be continued," the ministry added.

Source: TASS

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