New Russian radio-electronic device can disable enemy equipment

October 13, 2016 RIA Novosti
A weapon based on new physical principles has been tested successfully in Russia.
radio-electronic warfare
A mobile headquarters at the Krasukha-4 ground-based multi-role jamming module during a special tactical drill involving radio-electronic warfare units of the Central Military District at the Sverdlovsky training center, Russia. Source: Pavel Lisitsyn/RIA Novosti

The first samples of a radio-electronic weapon based on new physical principles which is only one of its kind in the world have been developed and successfully tested in Russia, an official representative of the new system's developing company – the Joint Instrument-Making Corporation – told Russia's RIA Novosti news agency at the ArmHiTec-2016 arms exhibition in Yerevan, Armenia on Oct. 13.

"Real samples of such weapons have already been created, and they have proved their efficiency," he told RIA Novosti. "This is a completely new type of weapon, which has no analogues in the country and, dare we say, in the world."

The new weapon disables enemy equipment without the use of conventional ammunition, but with the help of directed energy. "It implies an indirect physical influence on the on-board equipment of aircraft and UAVs, neutralizing precision weapons," said the representative .

The first samples of such weapons were shown in September 2016 at a closed demonstration session for the Defense Ministry on the sidelines of the Army-2016 forum.

First published in Russian by RIA Novosti

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