Moscow to take steps if Islamic State moves from Mosul to Syria — Lavrov

The Russian top diplomat hopes pause near Aleppo will help separate terrorists from opposition.

Moscow will take military measures should militants of the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia as a terrorist organization - TASS) move from Mosul to Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

"The remaining corridor is fraught with the risk the Islamic State may move from Iraq’s Mosul to Syria," he said.

"Of course, we will keep an eye on the situation and take both political and military decisions, if that happens, if in Syria, where our military group is present at the request of the legitimate government, there will emerge more Islamic State contingents," the Russian top diplomat added. 

Pause near Aleppo

The minister went on to say that the humanitarian pause in the Aleppo area has been initiated in the hope that it may help separate the opposition from the terrorists.

"The halt in the airstrikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force has come into effect, this is an act of goodwill in the hope that the pause will be employed to finally separate the armed groups supported and armed by the US, some EU members and countries of the region, from Jabhat al-Nusra (terrorist group outlawed in Russia) and other groups of this kind," Lavrov explained.

Suspension of flights by the Russian aircraft and the Syrian air force comes into force, it is goodwill gesture, the minister added. 

Lausanne format

According to Lavrov, expert work to separate terrorists from the opposition near Aleppo has been agreed at a meeting in Lausanne, first contacts will take place in Geneva on October 19.

"When we met with the foreign ministers of a number of regional countries in Lausanne last Saturday, we agreed that we would begin the work of military experts in Geneva to separate the so-called moderate opposition from the Jabhat al-Nusra (terrorist group outlawed in Russia - TASS)", he said.

Lavorv added that, in accordance with the Lausanne agreements, the first meeting of military experts will be held on October 19.

First published by TASS.

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