Kremlin denies Moscow’s role in Montenegro coup plot

Montenegro’s authorities have not sent any official requests to Moscow.

The Kremlin has denied any possibility that Moscow could be involved in the attempts to organize any illegal actions in Montenegro.

"Certainly, we flatly deny the possibility of official involvement in any attempts of organizing any illegal actions," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters commenting on the latest statements of Montenegro’s prosecutors.

In comments to the claims, Peskov said Montenegro’s authorities have not sent any official requests to Moscow. "I don’t know if there have been requests via special services but in this case we have no information," Peskov stressed.

Montenegro’s Chief Special Prosecutor Milvoje Katnic earlier blamed 'Russian nationalists' for the attempted terrorist attack on the day of parliamentary elections on October 16.

"We have no evidence that Russia as a state was involved in that but we have evidence and proof of the involvement of Russian nationalists. I am using the term ‘nationalists’ in a negative sense. Their plan was to stop Montenegro on its Euro-Atlantic path, not to let it joint NATO. It was the original mission," he said.

According to Katnic, a group of Serbian, Montenegrin and Russian nationals was organized by "nationalists from Russia" who maintained that the Montenegrin government led by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic could not be changed in elections but was to be toppled by force. The group that was formed to topple the legitimate government plotted a terrorist attack at 23:00 in the evening on October 16, he said.

Twenty Serbian national were arrested in Montenegro on October 16 on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks.

First published by TASS.

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