Law enforcement agencies carry out investigative actions at Rusnano office

Visitors admire a touring Rusnano exhibition inside a train, a joint project with Russian Railways.

Visitors admire a touring Rusnano exhibition inside a train, a joint project with Russian Railways.

Investigation 'may be due to delays in building pharmaceutical plant'

Law enforcement agencies are carrying out investigative actions at the office of Rusnano corporation, as follows from Rusnano’s own statement.

"We presume that the investigative actions concerning one of Rusnano managers may be due to delays in building the pharmaceutical plant NT-Farma in the Yaroslavl Region. This advanced combine is scheduled to open in 2017 to start manufacturing crucial medications (nanovaccines and biopreparations) that are products of the company’s own research," the statement runs.

Rusnano started investing into this construction project back in 2009 in cooperation with a pool of private co-investors. Rusnano’s share in the project is 49 percent.

"As the project’s implementation went on, our partners developed problems with the schedule of payments. Rusnano paused its own investment shortly afterwards and the project faced the risk of being frozen," the company said.

Last year, though, says Rusnano, it managed to attract another private investor, which displayed interest in the NT-Farma project and acquired a 35.5 percent stake in the company. When the co-investor’s funds started pouring in the Rusnano board of directors made a decision to go ahead with financing proportionately to its own stake in the project.

"All of Rusnano’s actions underwent thorough legal examination and security checks. Strategic decisions were approved by the board of directors," the corporation said.

Construction work has been completed by now (although considerably behind time). Equipment is being installed, tested and tuned up. The company has no doubts about the project’s tremendous social importance and good prospects.

"In its contacts with the investigators Rusnano presents all necessary information and is interested in constructive interaction with the investigators," the statement says. 

Source: TASS

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