Psychiatrists believe more Muscovites suffering from ‘trafficphobia’

November 17, 2016 RBTH
Traffic congestion
Traffic congestion due to a heavy snowfall in Moscow. Source: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

Zurab Kekelidze, top psychiatrist for Russia’s Health Service, has announced that residents of the metropolis are suffering more than ever before from a fear of congested roads, or ‘trafficphobia’, reported Moskva news agency.

“The city’s inhabitants are becoming increasingly affected by psychological disorders. For example, ‘trafficphobia’ is when a person fears that he will never be able to get out of his car, and no one can help him. We also now see people having a fear of getting in an elevator or on public transportation, and a fear of going into large stores. These kinds of disorders do not occur in the countryside,” said Kekelidze during a press conference.

He also mentioned that, across the globe, as many as 20 percent of people suffer from some sort of psychological problem.

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