Carlsen wins over Karjakin, retains World Champion title

December 1, 2016 TASS
World Chess Champion
Sergey Karjakin of Russia and current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway (right) play the first game of their rapid chess tie-breaker match, at the 2016 World Chess Championship match in New York, U.S. Source: Reuters

Norway's Magnus Carlsen has won over Russia's Sergey Karjakin in tie-break and retained his World Champion title. Carlsen won the fouth tie-break game, thus defeating Karjakin 9-7.

Karjakin lost in the third and fourth tie-break games.

Their overall score after 12 games played was tied at 6-6 and both Grandmasters played a series of tie-break games to determine the new world champion. In line with the official FIDE (World Chess Federation) regulations, the tie-break stage begins with four rapid games, which are played with 25 minutes granted for each player per game and 10 seconds added after each move.

Source: TASS

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