Kerry notes benefits of 'resetting' relations with Russia

But the countries "continue to have strong disagreements on a range of issues as well."

The reset of Russia - United States relations in the beginning of Barack Obama’s first term has brought benefits, particularly in regard to arms reduction, according to the Cabinet Exit Memo by US Secretary of State John Kerry, published on Jan. 5.

"During President Obama’s first term, the United States and Russia reset our relationship, which led to tangible benefits on nuclear arms control and supply routes for our troops in Afghanistan. In discrete areas, we have retained our ability to work together on areas of shared interest, such as negotiating the JCPOA, protecting maritime areas, and coordinating on Arctic issues," the letter said.

At the same time, according to the letter, the United States and Russia "continue to have strong disagreements on a range of issues as well."

"Russia’s unprecedented cyber intrusions and its military intervention in Syria have also posed significant challenges to both our bilateral relationship and to international stability, and it is critical that we remain vigilant against these and other threats, even as we look for areas where it is in our interest to cooperate with Russia," Kerry added.

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