Russian plant to build yacht for Fedor Konyukhov’s round-the-globe record

Beginning of the building will be in 2017

A shipbuilding plant in  Russia’s Yaroslavl will build a high-speed yacht for a record  round-the-globe voyage of well-known adventurer Fedor  Konyukhov, the plant’s press service said on Feb.19.

"The yacht should be the biggest in the world - 75 meters  long and top quick - its speed should be 42knots (77km) an  hour, and it should be prepared to any storms in the ocean,"  the press service said. The yacht would be called The Admiral  Fedor Ushakov.

"We are quite capable of making the yacht for an extreme  voyage," the plant’s Director General Oleg Belkov said. "At the  first stage, we shall present to Fedor Konyukhov the vessel’s  architecture, and then will prepare documents for the defense  ministry."

Beginning of the building will be in 2017. Within one year,  the plant will make a project, will build the hull of aluminum,  and will choose top resistant material for the head. Later on,  the vessel will be transported to the Black Sea, where it will  receive 37-meter masts and necessary equipment. After the  round-the-globe expedition, the Russian Navy will use the  vessel for training.

Konyukhov was ordained as a Russian Orthodox priest in  December 2010 and has some 50 spectacular exploits to his name.  Among them, two ascents to Mount Everest, treks to the highest  peaks of all other continents, and rowing across the Atlantic  alone for 46 days. Other adventures include dog sleighing for  16 days across an 800-kilometer stretch in Greenland,  single-handedly travelling around Antarctica and rowing solo on  a 159-day Pacific passage. In July, the traveler finished the  round the globe voyage on a balloon as he landed in West  Australia. 

Source: TASS

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