Brave Siberian girl, age 4, walked miles through forest to save grandmother

A little girl in Tyva walked 5 miles in 4 hours to find a doctor

In the Republic of Tyva, Siberia, four-year-old Salgana walked five miles through the thick forests of the taiga to try to get help for her dying grandmother, reported FlashSiberia, citing an employee of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

At the end of February, the girl, who was living with her grandmother and blind grandfather in the taiga, saw that her grandmother was not moving.

“The girl told her grandfather that her grandmother was not well, and since he was blind, the grandfather decided to send his granddaughter to get help,” said the official at the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

After four hours crossing the snow-covered taiga in a severe frost, Salgana finally reached a lodge for shepherds, from where she managed to call for help. Neighbors and doctors were only able to get to the elderly couple a few hours later due to their remote location, but the woman had already died of a heart attack, according to a preliminary report.

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that he’d like to present an award to Salgana for her courage and dedication. 

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