Bank of Russia warns about new wireless bank card fraud

March 17, 2017 TASS
Bank of Russia informed banks about new method of wireless stealing from bank cards. Source: Alexey Malgavko/RIA Novosti

Swindlers informed a new wireless method of stealing money from bank cards, representative of the Bank of Russia Artyom Sychyov said on March 17.

"This is an absolutely new method of stealing money via ATMs that has not occurred anywhere else before; furthermore, it is wireless. We always noted when speaking about skimming that criminals should put something on the ATM; a new wireless technology appeared recently," the expert said.

Participants in information exchange within the framework of the monitoring and computer attacks response center of the Bank of Russia are receiving such information in time and has an opportunity to undertake countermeasures, Sychyov added.

Source: TASS

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