Aeroflot to hire ‘secret passengers’ to evaluate its work

‘Secret passengers’ to make sure Aeroflot is up to scratch.

‘Secret passengers’ to make sure Aeroflot is up to scratch.

AFP/East News
Experts will slip under the radar to check airline service and quality

Aeroflot airlines will hire "secret passengers" who will evaluate the service for passengers in compliance with its own quality standards, according to documents that were posted on Russia’s public procurements website

According to the documents, experts will evaluate the work of the call-center, its own sales offices in Russia and abroad, and even the service in the airport covering registration, the work of the business-lounge, landing, arrivals, transfers, and the luggage transfer. On board, the “secret passengers” will check the cleanliness and comfort of the cabin, presentation of food and drinks, the service of the air-hosts, information, and entertainment services.

The company notes that the age of the experts – who will be hired from an outside company - will be between 25 and 50 years old. They will have a “professional education and professional qualifications.” They will also have “flight experience with Aeroflot and other large airlines, and in depth knowledge of commercial airline products.”

According to the documents, the research will take place from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2019.

The ‘secret passenger’ project was initially launched in 2007, according to a press-release from Aeroflot, RBK Daily reports

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