Russia’s new humanoid robot F.E.D.O.R. practices target shooting

April 14, 2017 TASS

Russia’s new humanoid robot F.E.D.O.R. has started practicing target shooting as its creators seek to improve the android’s fine motor skills and decision-making algorithms, Russia’s deputy prime minister in charge of the defense and space industry said.

"F.E.D.O.R. demonstrated his abilities to shoot from both hands," Dmitry Rogozin wrote on his Twitter page, adding that target shooting allows the robot "to set priorities instantly and make decisions."

The robot has previously demonstrated its abilities to screw in a light bulb, insert the key in the lock, open the door of an apartment, switch on the light and drive a car.

The robot F.E.D.O.R. (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is being developed by Android Technics and the Advanced Research Fund under a technical assignment from Russia’s Emergencies’ Ministry.

Apart from the Rescuer project in the interests of the Emergencies Ministry, the robot will be able to perform other assignments. Thus, the android is set to become the sole passenger of Russia’s new spacecraft Federatsiya in 2021 during the spaceship’s first flight.

Source: TASS

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