Russia rejects media reports on military casualties in Palmyra

April 19, 2017 TASS
A journalist stands at the remains of the Temple of Bel in the historic city of Palmyra, in Homs Governorate, Syria. Source: Reuters

Russia’s Defense Ministry has rejected a report by the news agency Reuters on the alleged death toll among the Russian military personnel in the Syrian city of Palmyra, TASS reports.

"There have been no official data on the alleged ‘casualties in a period of fighting for Palmyra.’ No such official data have ever been published or have ever existed in nature. Therefore, the entire story by the British news agency Reuters about the allegedly undeclared death toll is a set of letters to justify its own headline," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

As the ministry spokesman said, "none of the names" from the report belong to Russian servicemen.

The Reuters news agency reported on April 18 that the death toll among Russian forces in Syria stood at 21 over the period from Jan. 29 until late March. According to the media outlet, this is more than four times higher than the official toll given by the Russian defense ministry.

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